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Why there is no Exoplanet App for Android yet

Warning: This is a biased view. Don’t take it too serious. It’s just a phone… I bought an iPhone 3GS in 2009 and started programming apps for it soon afterwards. Initially, the learning curve was rather steep. There was Objective … Continue reading

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New website for exoplanet app

Today I made a new website for the exoplanet app for iPhone/iPad/iPod. More pictures and video will be added soon.

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Exoplanet HR Diagram

Inspired by Stuart, I created this HR Diagram for exoplanet researchers. The position on the x-axis is determined by the number of peer reviewed paper, as given by ADS. The position on the y-axis is given by the number of … Continue reading

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Japan Photos

Here are some photos from Ishigaki and from Tokyo in Japan. Ishigaki

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Stochastic migration of small bodies in Saturn’s rings

Abstract Hanno Rein, John C. B. Papaloizou Many small moonlets, creating propeller structures, have been found in Saturn’s rings by the Cassini spacecraft. We study the dynamical evolution of such 20-50m sized bodies which are embedded in Saturn’s rings. We … Continue reading

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