DPMHD3d and GravTree

I’ve added two paged describing the main codes that I am using for research, a hydrodynamics code and and N-body code:

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New section and new paper

I moved my publication list and other scientific pages from my website at DAMTP to the new section Science. Everything is finally in one place.

My third paper appeared on the arXiv today. It discusses the so called super-particle approximation that many people use but might not be valid in any situation.


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Hydro iPhone Application

My latest iPhone application is now available on the AppStore: Hydro. It’s a finite difference code for planet/disc interaction. An improved version is already submitted and is currently being reviewed.


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And another one…

Our paper on the formation of the multi-planetary system HD45364 is now on astro-ph!


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Torun Conference Proceedings Online

I’ve finally uploaded the conference proceedings from last year’s multi-planet conference in Torun, Poland. The article can be found on the arXiv server. Periodratio

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