Second “Paper”

Yesterday, I put my second paper on astro-ph. Here is the link. Although it is not a real paper, just a summary of the first oneĀ for the Hawaii Conference that I have been to in March.

This is a video of the GJ876 system. The planets start in resonance but due to very strong and random forces the resonance is lost after a few thousand years.

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LaTeX Coffee Stains

LaTeX Coffee StainsThis package provides an essential feature to LaTeX that has been missing for too long. It adds a coffee stain to your documents. A lot of time can be saved by printing stains directly on the page rather than adding it manually.

coffee.pdf – This is an example of all included stains and also the documentation of the package.

coffee.tar.gz – This archive contains all files including the documentation (you probably want to download this).

coffee.sty – This is the actual package which contains everything including the images.

coffee.tex – This is the source code of the example file.

Update (23 November 2010):

coffee2.sty – This is an improved version that works with pdflatex. Thanks to Evan Sultanik!

Update (24 March 2011):

coffee3.tar.gz – This is another improved version that works with pdflatex. It allows you to scale, rotate and change the transparency of any coffee stain. Thanks to Professor Luis Randez!

Update (25 May 2012):

coffee4.tar.gz – Adrian Robson sent me this improved version. He writes: “I find I rarely manage to put my coffee mug down exacly in the middle of my papers.
So I have amended coffee3.sty to support off centre coffee stains.

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Hawaii Photos

[flickr album=72157615951138525 num=50 size=Thumbnail]

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The conference on planet formation and evolution in Tuebingen ended today. It was a long week with many sessions, but it was very well organized. I also gave my first talk at a (proper) scientific meeting. The slides with some comments are available as a PDF file from my academic website.

Willy Kley doing "many difficult calculations".

Willy Kley doing "many difficult calculations".

Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle

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Conference Preview

I am going to two conferences in the near future. Here is a preview of how it might look like according to the internet.

Conference 1Conference 2

Link to webcam 1. Link to webcam 2.

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